At Snap Out we’re devoted to affecting positive change in the world through the creation of technology and the creative application of innovations.

This vision impacts everything we do, from the birth of an idea to the delivery of a finished product and throughout the product’s lifecycle.

In everything we do, our work is collaborative, multidisciplinary, and creative. Combined, our team members have decades’ worth of top-level academic experience in a broad range of science and technology-based disciplines, and decades’ of experience in commercial technology industries. This makes us a formidable bunch when it comes to tackling problems.

Meet Our Team

Each and every one of our team members represent the spirit of our company: positive, creative, visionary and driven. Our team combines diverse skill sets and experience to produce a well-rounded, talented and complementary team.

We apply this knowledge to the creation of digital products, services, and businesses.

Our work focuses on three key streams: we invest in and secure funding for the development of our own products and technologies; we work with clients to deliver impactful outcomes on specific briefs, and we work together with entrepreneurs and experts to form start-ups and accelerate growth.

Client focus


We create products by producing clear roadmaps and following them to deliver high quality and impactful outcomes.

Whether the project involves the creation of a new product or service, or the innovation of something already established, we work with you to design and build products that will last. We are proud of our life cycle processes, which give a complete service from initial vision to fully operational reality.

Our services include research & development, web application design and development, mobile app development, advanced software solutions, and conversion and optimisation. Among our specialisms are machine learning, computer vision, and crowdsourcing.

You can read some case studies of our recent work below, or get in touch now.

Some of our partners and clients









In-house focus


We love to experiment with new ideas and innovations and to turn our best ideas into finished products that – we hope – will make the world a better place.

We’re always creating new digital products, so we really know what it takes to transform a cherished new idea into a real product. We also have the first-hand experience in forming new start-ups and taking them to market, having launched a range of products and services. And whenever we learn something new, we can’t wait to share our insights with our partners, clients, and the start-ups we work with.

Among our products are Wildsense,, RetinaSense, and TravelBot.

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