IoT device prototype

We designed, developed, and prototyped an internet-connected camera attachment for a household device.

The Brief

We were contracted by a well-known manufacturer of electronic consumer products to develop an internet-connected camera attachment for a household appliance. In a very short space of time, we conducted extensive research and delivered a working prototype.

Rapid roadmap

Before building the prototype, we performed detailed research in order to identify suitable physical and communications technologies to build the prototype. We developed a careful project roadmap.

Rapid development

We developed a proof of concept prototype for the product. This included the development of a mobile app, Raspberry Pi setup, and detailed coding.

Demo and feedback

We performed a live demonstration of the working prototype for the client and provided feedback on what we’d learned in the development process in the form of a project report.


We developed both a physical prototype for the camera attachment itself and a fully-functional software solution to allow it to stream video directly to other devices via the internet. The camera was designed to connect to the internet either via wifi on a home network, or by a direct ad-hoc connection, and was able to stream video in real time to iOS devices.

In order to ensure that the device could be produced at the lowest cost possible, we designed the product to work at low levels of computational power. The set-up for the device and software was designed to be quick and user-friendly. We also identified and researched areas for future improvement of the product: integration of computer vision technologies, and automatic report generation.



  • Programming in Swift 3.0


  • Supported on iOS 9/ 10
  • Streaming in motion JPEG format


  • Video quality of 720p15 in order to achieve the best balance of latency and image quality


We performed internal and external testing on the prototype, testing the app through the Apple iTunes TestFlight Beta Testing service. We delivered the completed prototype to the client with a detailed demonstration and reporting on the project.

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