Maths teaching app MVP

We built a minimum viable product for an app that teaches students about quadratic equations, including achievements and leaderboards.

   The Brief

We were tasked with the speedy turnaround of a minimum viable product (MVP) for an app that would teach quadratic equations to students. We delivered a user-friendly and mobile-compatible web application, involving bespoke algorithm development and social elements including logins, leaderboards, and achievements.

  • Minimal brief to meet key project goals

    We carefully reviewed the client’s aims and proposed a minimal brief to demonstrate the concept for future investment.

  • Development of a mobile-responsive system

    The project was realised as a web-based and mobile responsive app, following a detailed plan of system specification, software application source code and deployment of the software application.

  • Collaboration

    Throughout the project, we worked closely with the client and with external designers to build a product perfectly tailored to their vision.

  • Delivery

    We presented the client with a functional MVP, along with detailed reporting on what we’d learned during the project.


We designed and built the application from the ground up from initial specifications carefully discussed with the client. We developed it iteratively through user flows, wireframes and visual designs.


  • Bespoke algorithm development

    We designed and implemented algorithms to dynamically generate algebraic equations and to analyse the accuracy of answers provided.

  • Gamification and user management

    Since the app was to be used by students, the integration of social elements was essential to the project. We developed a social login system which incorporated a points-based leaderboard and achievements for individual users.

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