Emma is your personal travel assistant - automatically adding travel time and key details to your calendar.

Emma is available for download now in Beta today.

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The Problem


You have a busy schedule, jam packed with meetings. Working out the best way to get to your meetings is a drain on your time and focus. It is challenging to evaluate all the transport options that are available. It is easy to misjudge your schedule resulting in lateness or missed appointments.

Save yourself time and remove the hassle of travel schedule management by inviting Emma to your digital calendar.

What makes Emma unique


You always maintain control of your travel schedule. You have the power to change/remove travel in your calendar.


Emma saves you time by presenting the key travel information you need to make your day as efficient as possible.

   Instant integration

Simply connect Emma with your Google Calendar account and let the work happen. No additional apps are needed.

  No fuss assistant

Emma works in the background as an “invisible” assistant that is there to support you when needed, automatically adding travel time and key travel instructions to your calendar.

How we built Emma


We built Emma from the ground up as the perfect virtual assistant and travel companion. This involved building much of Emma’s software from scratch, including highly specialised machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms. In our work on Emma, we’re delighted to have the support of Innovate UK, the UK’s innovation agency.



  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning

    We built Emma calling on our expertise with artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies.

  • Testing

    Emma is currently in Beta testing, where members of the public are able to try Emma out and let us know what they think. This follows extensive internal and external testing.

  • Natural language processing

    Emma analyses textual information from calendar events to make informed decisions about your calendar and learn over time.

  • User experience

    We thought very carefully about how to make the user experience with Emma as seamless as possible. Emma works with your Google calendar and requires no other apps whatsoever.

Releasing Emma


You can sign up for the Emma Beta, which is live now, below. We’ll let Beta users know when a finished Emma goes live.

Get in touch today and find out how we turn vision to reality.

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