Research & development

Our multi-talented team thrives when tackling even the most complex R&D challenges. Drawing on vast commercial and academic expertise, we work with diverse partners to research, develop, introduce, improve, and secure funding for the most exciting new products and processes.


Machine learning

With a combined few decades’ worth of experience in machine learning and AI, our team has a proven track record in developing and deploying the most cutting-edge techniques to industries from healthcare to finance.


Computer vision

Our team works at the vanguard of computer vision technologies. We have extensive experience in helping clients and partners to make the most of them, through the implementation of proven algorithms to the development of bespoke systems.


Crowd sourcing

One of our real specialisms is harnessing the power of crowds in tech solutions, from “serious” games and gamification in research, to using crowds to transform outcomes in healthcare.


Web and mobile

We’ve been building apps and responsive websites for as long as we can remember. Whether you’re looking for an app that incorporates the latest computer vision tech or you are building the next “Uber for X” or “Tinder for Y”, we’ll be able to help.


Advanced algorithms

A core interest of ours is the development of advanced algorithms to meet the development needs of our clients and partners. From MVP development to innovation for existing systems, we have the skills to meet your software needs.