Financial service compliance visualisation

We designed and developed a user interface for a system that monitors financial trading communications.

   The Brief

Our task was to design and develop an intuitive user interface for a system that monitors financial trading communications for trading compliance purposes. We built an interactive dashboard which was integrated into a larger system used by a UK financial institution.



  • User research

    We conducted user research in order to understand the exact requirements of the system.

  • Data analysis

    We studied the back-end data extensively. This allowed us both to understand what the constraints of the data were and to come up with innovative solutions to the demands of the project.



Software development

Having conducted the necessary research, we built a sleek and intuitive interactive dashboard that accurately represented the back-end data.


The finished user interface was delivered to the client – a UK financial institution –  who have incorporated it into their system.

Research and development | algorithms | UX | web application development